About TMA
The Theater Musicians Association - an official AFM Player Conference - was formed to organize theater musicians throughout the United States and Canada (full-time and part-time, local and traveling), so that we will be better equipped to address the issues that are common to all of us including wages, working conditions and replacement by recordings, electronics and non-union musicians.

The Chicago Area Chapter was formed in 1996 to unite local theater musicians so that we will be better prepared to identify our professional needs in accordance with the standards of the industry and assist the Chicago Federation of Musicians with the negotiation of theater collective bargaining agreements.

We publish The Newsletter which informs our membership of Area Theater News, contract information and important articles of interest to theater musicians. We invite you to join us in solidarity for a better future for theater musicians.


CLICK HERE to view a PDF of our current TMA/CAC Roster.

After five years and 23 short-term extensions, Congress has passed legislation reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the next four years. Included in the bill are provisions that create a uniform national policy regarding musical instruments on airplanes. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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